Making Energy Better

We are a unique energy company. We buy energy in 30-minute intervals and use smart meter technology to supply it to you right when you need it. This means we never make you pay for energy you don’t use. Our energy is also 100% renewable, meaning our customers never have to feel guilty for leaving that light on. Join us now to save on your bills and limit your carbon footprint.

Why switch to Usio?

Save up to £250 on your yearly bills

Control your carbon footprint.

Effortless switching.

We care about green energy

Power in your hands with the Usio app

Be part of the next generation of energy users, and take control of your usage with our app. We believe in giving our customers the knowledge needed control their energy spends and to help the planet. We believe in giving you your power back.

Switching is easy

Sign-up on our website today. We calculate your home energy use and provide you with the best tariff for your usage. Based on your home energy profile, we can offer you the best energy rates and tailor your tariff to your usage.

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