Our Team

USIO knows when I come home from my night shifts and buys the energy for my relaxing mornings.


Vincent Tuk

Founder and CEO
Deeply passionate about building USIO and making a change and racing his catamaran to disconnect his mind.

Loic Hares

Head Utility Operations
Could bore you for hours about smart meters but would rather talk about his two girls!

Joseph Beasley

Head of Customer Service

Jaye Crib

Data Scientist
Number Nerd with a passion for all things Data Science - normally found chilling on a Devon beach or behind a computer screen.

Zuzana Manhartova

Data Scientist
Mathematician, programmer and a data scientist - convinced that board games are a competitive sport.

Paul Cooper

Customer Lead
Background in maths but dedicated to great Customer Service. While living on a boat, also nimble on the piano and plays Chopin Etudes to relax.


We are a friendly innovative team, sometimes
looking for new talent.

Data engineer

Does the idea of building our scalable data-architecture appeal to you and take the responsibility for putting our AI algorithms into a production environment?

You deeply familiar with Spark, Kafka, Scala, SQL Python


Join our USIO journey at careers@usioenergy.com

Social media community and marketing

Are you passionate about reaching new people to join our movement? is Social to you simply the world of today? Can you work with little and create momentum from there?

Deeply familiar with FB, Twitter, IG?


Join our USIO journey at careers@usioenergy.com

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