Our Mission

“With our first child, USIO spotted we used more energy at night and bought extra energy for us during those cheap times”


Why we decided to build USIO

We started USIO by realising an industry-wide secret: Your energy company will buy your energy regardless of your individual energy requirements. Like you, we want to fundamentally change the energy industry by reducing lots of unused, wasted energy and aim to provide greener energy at times you will be using it.

We fully understand you lead a busy life and do not necessarily have the time to put energy at the top of your list. This is why we have a bright team understanding who you are and what your energy requirements are. Our customer service to you is as important to us and we aim to provide this at the very highest level.

The more we understand your energy behaviors, the better we will be able to provide available green energy and advise on this, helping you to tailor the right package that suits your needs. What sets us apart is our focus on the mathematics behind forming a picture of when you are using your energy. That each of us have very different lifestyles means we use our energy at different times. We recognise this fact and tailor our tariffs unlike any other energy company.



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