Company Values

“With our first child, USIO spotted we used more energy at night and bought extra energy for us during those cheap times”


Why we decided to build USIO

Who is USIO?
USIO is a new UK energy company that promises to treat customers as individuals. We are the only energy company that will leverage new regulations that allow us to buy energy in 30-min intervals to match your individual lifestyle. It’s an innovative approach. All other energy companies buy energy according to a 20-year-old average profile and we know you are not average.

Why did we start USIO?
We started USIO by realizing an industry-wide secret: Your energy company will buy your energy regardless of when you actually use your energy – they assume we are all the same and our lifestyles are all the same.

Your benefit?
For all customers that select one of our fantastic Smart Meter tariffs, USIO will learn about your lifestyle and will buy energy only at the times you actually use it – saving you money. In a few months, we will also start telling you at what times of the day energy is extra green (and cheap).



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