Data Science

With the ever-growing proliferation of sensors that capture all kinds of information around us in real time from sources that are as diverse as our homes, weather stations, information networks and even satellites, we have an unpresedented opportunity to utilise this data and revolutionize almost all aspects of our lives. In line with this philosophy, we have a team of talented scientists at Usio Energy that are using state-of-the-art techniques from data science and machine learning to understand how our consumers are using energy in their homes ensuring they are provided with energy that meets their lifestyle in the most affordable way.

Our vision is supported by government regulations that allows us to buy energy in 30-minute intervals, enabling us to utilise artificial intelligence and buy energy that is tailored to each individual consumers lifestyle and unlike other energy companies which buy energy assuming that all consumers are the same.

We are really excited about identifying and personalising your energy use and really invested in developments in this field.

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