Is self-serve the future of customer service?

In our increasingly technological world, customers expect to be able to access their accounts from every medium possible – by telephone, computer and app. Gone are the days that if you missed getting to the shops by 5pm, you simply couldnt shop. In fact, online sales in 2016 topped £133 billion, rising year on year.

So when starting a new business, we have to take into account that our customers will expect the very highest service through a variety of ways to get it. We’ll be fascinated with the statistics as they unfold; do people still prefer to call directly and speak to us, getting the “human” touch (as we like to say), or are we genuinely turning into a happily electronic nation that is genuinely satistied to load the app, load the website and deal with everything remotely?

We really do lead busy lives. Perhaps we always did but we are able to multi-task like never before and somehow life has become very efficiently organised. While some people will honestly worry and check on their energy services (we completely understand, so do we!), others will simply be too busy to give their energy needs and services the time they’d like. So we at Usio Energy are super excited to see just what the breakdown of the types of people we will attract are. What is the preferred mode of communication? Where do we need to provide more support? How far have people’s knowledge for greener energy come? In the chaos of everyone’s day to day life, do we have the time and ability to shop around for the best services?

Certainly one thing’s for sure. We will aim to be as accessible as we can and will try to quickly understand exactly what our customers communication needs are.

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