You save more than money, you also reduce your carbon footprint

We are the only energy company that will leverage new optional regulations that allow us to buy energy in 30-min intervals to match your individual lifestyle. It’s an innovative approach. All other energy companies buy energy according to a 20-year-old average profile and we know you are not average. Our smart tariffs introduce you to the smart way of buying energy.

Why switch to Usio? Because for the first time ever you can have energy rates which suit you and your lifestyle. No more wasted electricity and high tariffs.

It’s effortless and simple
Reduces your monthly costs
Reduces your energy footprint
Our smart meters

Susan gets home from work at 7pm but her energy company assumed she came in at 5pm and charged her extra for peak energy… energy she never used!

“I’ve made a large monthly saving with Usio. The switch was easy and I feel I have more control than I did before.”

Switching is easy

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We take your energy fingerprint and provide the best offer we can match it with.
Based on your energy profile, we offer you the cheapest energy rates.
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